Pain In Jaw Near Ear

Pain In Jaw Near Ear Pain In Jaw Near Ear
A week ago I awoke with a strong left side of my jaw?

Since then I have pain in it that is bearable, but I can only open so far. The ending left jaw near the ear. I also had pain in my ear, especially in cold weather. Hurst my jaw when they bite i to open it and put in it. What's not until I know I do not think grinding your teeth not so bad until you try to open my teeth or sit straight, then I'm a day kills my tetnuas but I'll go to my GP because it definitely is stiffer thanks the only problem that I'm really scared of gp and the letter hospitials i had my baby at home. not only disappears if the exercises.

Hello! I almost bet money that this is TMJ.There are things you can do without going to the doctor but is always suggested you get the official diagnosis! Anyway, get one night gaurd.They they have a Wal-Mart for $ 20 and put it in the never at night while sleeping .. The grinding teeth do not know what to do, but most of us and it's like grinding your teeth together, but adding an extra 200 pounds! This can be very tramatic to the mouth, jaw and ear.Please go by the night guard at least try for a week and see the difference and protect themselves from future outbreaks! I've had TMJ for a very long time now and I used to think I had these horrible ear infections, that's what it feels like …. The truth was, it was because my ATM. 1.use night guard to sleep 2.Try avoid foods that require a lot of hard chewing gum 3.NO whatsoever touching episodes ATM without notice so if you feel a slight pain, or pain in the jaw, just let your jaw relax for a few days … There is a lot of chewing, fluid and Sip tomato soup:) If you need to talk about this more or want to know something, please feel free to email or IM me IM ID: princesspipster I 'm almost certain that this is your problem, but it would be better to go to an ear, nose and throat to help officers diagnosis.Good Luck HUN! * Hugs * ~ ~ * ~ ~ Pip

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