Sudden Jaw Pain Left Side

Sudden Jaw Pain Left Side Sudden Jaw Pain Left Side
throat, swelling of the gland, with no signs of infection, he suddenly, what should I do?

Eating my last night of broccoli and felt a pop on the tongue to the left side, in two seconds my troat gland swelled, my tongue swelled up and I threw the pain of the tongue to the jaw ear, left side only, I thought I could have pulled something we decided to sleep it off. This morning, the left side of the sore throat still, as a golf ball, touch, and pain on swallowing, eating becomes larger Infact for awhile. X-rays just to dentists last week and no abscesses, fever no, no pus or abnormal in the back of the throat and had my tonsils removed two years ago. What do you think? What could be? What could have made it possible, and how I can improve? The heat helps a little, cold does not do anything. Thnx to all who answer!

You really need to see a doctor and that seems to be related to eating, my first "guess" (not to be confused with actual medical advice) – is that it relates to the gland saliva. You may have a stone in the gland that has been covered, there could be a rare condition called Sjogren's syndrome. (It is an autoimmune disorder in the body attacks the salivary glands, but it would slow start, I think.) – Please consult your doctor, if it is a stone in saliva gland, they know how to fix it.

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