Tmj Cheek Swelling

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Can a dentist help relieve my migraines Largo ATM?

You can see your dentist Largo for many reasons – to whiten your smile, fix you improve your teeth or dentures new look – but to relieve your migraine? The principles of Neuromuscular Dentistry suggests that fixing your smile can have some surprising benefits in other areas. Here's a quick summary of one of the possible benefits of neuromuscular dentistry in Largo.

TMJ Dentistry

The Academy of General Dentistry estimates that more than 10 million Americans suffer from joint disorders TMJ, often abbreviated as ATM or TMD. Symptoms of TMJ include:

* Pain in the jaw which is worse in the morning or late afternoon

* Swelling on the side of the face

* Sensitive Teeth without dental problems

* Earaches without infection

* Difficulty chewing

* Tension headaches frequent

* Waking up with headaches often

The dentist can diagnose the causes of your TMJ jaw pain, headaches and other symptoms of TMJ and recommend appropriate treatment, which may include the realignment of the jaw and teeth restructuring to correct imbalances that cause problems.

So what about headaches? ATM dentists believe the jaw joint problems are the cause of many types of craniofacial pain – pain in your head and face. The big reason is that a major nerve that serves the functions of your brain – the trigeminal nerve – almost constantly interacts with the temporomandibular joint. He constantly sends information back and forth between your brain and your face, jaw, tongue, cheeks, lips and mouth. In fact, it represents up 40 per cent of the activity of your brain every day. Neurologists know that the trigeminal nerve is responsible for migraine headaches and many others – but they are not always sure how and why.

Largo neuromuscular dentist can help identify areas of dysfunction in the temporo-mandibular joint can be compression or interfere with the proper functioning of the trigeminal nerve. He will then develop a treatment strategy designed to realign muscles, bones and teeth to relieve the dysfunction and pain elimination. If you suffer from migraines and a doctor was unable to determine a cause or help you, a consultation with a Largo dentist can put you on the road to recovery.

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